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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shelby the Oyster

When I was a little, my Grandpa caught an octopus while fishing. He brought it home for my Grandma and I to dissect. I wasnt very old, but I do remember finding three hearts! So, when T and I were at the grocery store and found a seafood event, I got an idea!
Meet "Shelby" our oyster!

We put "Shelby" the oyster in a tank with salt and a pinch of dirt after learning this will make a pearl! (natural pearls take years to create... faux pearls develop overnight!)
In plopped "Shelby"...
Add a little salt...

...And a pinch of dirt...
Left Shelby to soak overnight...

In the morning this is what we found!!!

She put on some black gloves, and went to work

The oyster was pretty mushy... and dissecting it was nearly impossible.

***Warning: the smell is incredibly terrible!!!***

She was thrilled to find two (faux) pearls! Fun experiment for .58 cents!!!


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