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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Daddy Shopping: My Series For Solo-Moms Regarding Dating

I have always loved taking quizzes in women magazines! So I have decided to create my own quiz to assess your readiness to start dating again based on some light research! So, grab a pencil and paper!
(And a calculator if math isnt your strong subject- like me!)

  • When I woke up this morning, my first thought was
    • I need to get the oil changed in the car. (+5)
    • I wonder if (name of your ex) is awake yet? (+1)
    • I need to teach my kid to make coffee. (+3)
  •  While shopping, you ran into one of his friends. You...
    • completely ignored her and ran away, you have nothing to say nice. (+2)
    • smiled politely, and confidently continued browsing. (+6)
    • after her salutation of how are you, you honestly started explaining how he ruined your life and broke your heart. (-1)
  • If you were able to map out your thoughts on a pie chart...
    •  80% is devoted to custody and child support... 10% is devoted to work and your kiddo ...10% is everything you dont have. (+2)
    • 60% is your kid... 10% is you... 10% is family and friends... 10% is work... 10% that jerk that ruined your life. (-3)
    • 40% is your kiddo... 15% is you... 15% is family and friends... 10% is work... 10% is household chores... 10% making exciting plans for the future solo. (+3)
  • The last time you laughed genuinely was...
    • 10 minutes ago- I find little things in everyday life humorous! (+8)
    • Two weeks ago when us girls got together for dinner... they had me crying with laughter. (+4)
    • I cant remember- I feel I force myself to smile and laugh most of the time. (+1)
  • Looking back on our relationship (and/or marriage)...
    • I cant believe how badly he screwed it all up. I gave him everything, and he never cared. (+4)
    • We both made mistakes- could have done other things better- neither of us is innocent in this. (+8)
    • I was the one that made all the mistakes, I wish he would just see that and forgive me and take me back and I promise to change everything to make things work for him! (+2)
  • Last time I dialed his number...
    • I hung up before hitting that last digit... I have so much to tell him- but I am so scared of rejection!! (-1)
    • It was in regards to our child(ren) we share in common... nothing personal. (+5)
    • It was to scream at the jerk for introducing his new girl friend to our kid! (+2)
  • Last time you overheard someone talking about your ex...
    • You turned around and loudly told them to shut up! You didnt need that negativity in your life! (+2)
    • You ran to the bathroom and cried. Then proceeded to eat a carton of chocolate malted crunch! (+3)
    • You smiled in mild amusement, but didnt feel anger or hurt. You felt indifferent. (+6)
  • The last guy you dated you sized up and compared to...
    • Ryan Reynolds (+5)
    • Your Ex (+1)
    • Your bestfriend (+3)
  • You have gone on a couple of dates with a Mr. Handsome... and he is pushing allowances that challenge your morals, you...
    • have personal boundaries you expect wont be challenged. And if he becomes indignant, he can kick rocks! (+7)
    • He is a super sweet guy, and it isnt like it is something you have never done before... you want to do it anyway... (+4)
    • He is super hot... who cares about personal boundary and space... he is into you and you are into him... it feels good now and you'll just be in pain later anyway... so-wheres the problem again?! (+1)
  •  Looking back at your past relationships, both dating and marriage(s)... You would describe your dating pattern as:
    • Serial Dater- you are never without a man on your arm (+1)
    • Picky Eater- you wont date him unless he meets your criteria- and youre not afraid to turn em away. (+5)
    • Hitchhiker- you are with what ever comes along and picks you up. (+3)
  • It's Saturday night, and your kiddo is not feeling well. You had a date planned, but your little germie needs you. You... 
    • Call him and see if it is ok that you stay home tonight. (+3)
    • Call gramma... she is a close second to mom! AND you were really looking forward to a night out alone with him! (+1)
    • Call him and tell him that you will have to cancel... after all that little germie is your number 1!! (+5)
Ok--- Tally up those points!!
      Where did you score??? 
      5-20 points...???
      20-40 points...???
      40-60 points...???

      To find out where you are in the spectrum of dating readiness, 
      come back on Friday!!


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