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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Geo-caching Fun!

Our youngest navigator
The first time I heard of it I was thinking Geo-what? Does it involve cash?!! Its called Geo-caching. It is a world wide treasure hunt. Hidden in common places among almost all communities are small treasures to find. People hid items with clues in random places in a worldwide underground scavenger hunt. Although, popular among adults, it is especially fun for kids! It is challenging for all ages, doesn't cost any money to do, and all you need is access to the internet and your thinking caps!

There are lots of websites that you can go to... and even lots of free apps for your smart phone. We liked www.geocaching.com

We choose a geo-caching series in our community that is on a five-mile loop. With every find, you receive a letter with it's position in a 10-letter word. When you find all the letters, you get to see what the word is! We joined my sister and my nine nieces and nephews for a day long hunt!

Our Geo Crew

We started walking...
Our 1st clue: Look to the stars

Found it

We opened it to find a list to add our name to and a green army guy

The list we added our names to, and the little green army guy

Found another

Reach high

Found another

Everyone gets involved

The Clue: You have to fish around for this, we discovered it was hanging by fishing line down a pole

Adding our name to another

Mmmm... we shared some shaved ice as we kept searching

Although, we didnt find all the locations, we had a lot of fun! We can always come back and finish later
What a fun activity for the whole family!!


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