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I am a wife, mother, and step-mom. I am not perfect, but try my best to reduce damage control. I have incredible family and friends that encourage us on this adventure. My mom always told me that motherhood isnt for whimps... and I couldn't agree more!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday Night, No Kid in Sight, What to do?? I think I will throw a pity part for ONE??

I came home from work Saturday morning with a swollen throat, and the news that my daughter's room had been attacked by my sick-with-the-runs dog. Yippee for me. As I was scrubbing the dog doo out of the carpet, I found myself crying hysterically. I was so tired of being alone, so tired of taking care of everything on my own, so tired of being the strong one to keep things together. I broke down. After the haz-mat clean up was completed, I laid down for a nap.

Later that day, I my daughter wanted to have a sleep over at her cousins house. It was like 5:00pm, and I suddenly found myself at home, without a child. Let me rephrase that... it was like 5:00pm ON SATURDAY, and I didnt have a child. I was completely alone. Now, any other parent would take advantage of this time by calling up a friend and going out. But I was sick. I was feverish, and my throat was hurting terribly. So, here I was on the couch, ALONE again, without anyone to attend to my needs, or just hold me. I found my self throwing a Saturday night Pity Party for one.

I ate some pasta from the tupperware on the couch while watching Desperate Housewives. I dreaded going to bed, that is the part of being alone I hate the worst. So I drank three mojitos to get myself up the stairs. And there I laid alone, in a bed built for two, in a house made for three. I thought about calling up some company to chat, but knew that would cause problems that would last longer than this loneliness would.  I thought a lot about past relationships, and how it didnt work. I thought a lot about why it didnt work. I thought a lot about me, and how I know I am good alone... except for nights like these. I was beginning to get teary again, and decided I need to think about the type of man that I wanted, rather than focus on the past. I wanted a strong man that could come along side of me and help me in life. I wanted a partner that was interested in taking care of me as much as I wanted to take care of him. I wanted... before I knew it the sun was up and the birds were singing and I was feeling so much better knowing I could get through the loneliness without weakness.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

She misses the role... cant remember the man.

It has been three months, going on four since my ex husband has called to talk to our daughter.

When we left him, she was two years old. He had been a stay-at-home dad since she was about 7 months old because he lost his job. He had an anger problem and always struggled to keep steady employment. The plan was for him to find his "dream" job, but instead he became content to stay at home while I worked. I was concerned about his ability to care for our child while I was at work. He had a problem with anger, depression and alcohol. Not exactly the dream situation. Unfortunately it took me a long time to muster up the courage to stand up to him, and I had put our daughter at risk in his care until she was 2 years old. Unfortunately, by the time I finally stood up to him, it was too late to realistically salvage much. He had attempted suicide while caring for our daughter alone; overdosed another time on alcohol and stopped breathing several times on the way to the hospital; had a long term affair with our neighbor, plus many other unconfessed indiscretions; was addicted to getting high in what ever form he could find; and moved into the spare bedroom.

We left in spring of 09 while he was in the shower. I immediately got an emergency custody order to protect my daughter, and a restraining order to protect me. He got supervised visitation, once a week for 5 hours. He only exercised this three times, the last time being in June of 09. He hasnt seen her since, and moved back to Massachusetts to live with his dad shortly after his DUI conviction in fall of 09.

Since then, his calls became less and less with more time between call. She has had two birthdays since then. She has entered preschool and will start kindergarten this fall as a 5 year old.

What She Knows:
She knows that her daddy moved away to start things over again. She knows that he was really sick and needed someone to help him. She knows that he loves her and that I love her. She knows that her Grandma and Grandpa, Aunts and Uncles, Cousins and friends LOVE her very much.

She has been saying she misses her daddy. She last talked to him Christmas, when he called to see if she got the gifts he sent her. He talked to her for 30 seconds, then asked for me. She left a message on his voice-mail thanking him for the Christmas gifts, he never called her back. And he hasn't called since then.

When she says she misses him, I ask her what she misses about him. From her answer it is clear to me that she doesnt remember much about him. She fantasizes about the man he is. I allow that. Sometimes I tell her some of the good memories that I have of him, or the two of them, or us as a family. But it has been clear to me that she misses the role of a dad in her life, not that she necessarily misses him.

This has made me at times want to run out and find someone to marry so that she has a dad again. In fact, it was hard to break up with the boyfriend because I knew how much she adored him. I also know that I dont want to raise a woman to feel that she isnt complete without a man. That a marriage is supposed to be a commitment to partnership, and not a commitment of desperation. I want her to see that she is something of worth, and needs to be valued. Some may look at my situation of being a single parent with a child and think that I should take what I can get. But I look at my situation and see that I have something that is amazingly extraordinary, and I wont accept anyone that doesnt want to work to earn what we have to offer!!

Until that man comes along, I encourage time with her uncles and grandpa. I try to do the "dad" stuff with her. But mostly I just hold her and hug her and let her talk. I dont really know anyone in my situation. And I have read some on this... but Im mostly following my instincts, hoping I am doing right by her.