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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Time Capsulish Treasure Dig

While looking in my pantry for some chocolate to cure my cravings, I discovered a tin of Pepperidge Farms Pirouettes. I was ecstatic until I discovered it was an empty tin. But the moment disappointment hit my taste buds- the light bulb in by brain went off. This tin would be perfect to make a time capsule out of! After googling it and finding lots of official information on time capsules and registering them online... I decided to scale this project down to a 5 year olds size.

The goal of a time capsule is to capture what the moment is like and put it in a safe spot to later dig up and remember. Being a single mom that is learning to enjoy the time we have together without longing for a man, I gravitated to this idea like a bee to honey. If you are interested in creating a long term time capsule check out the following websites for information and ideas on how to do it:


Tin, Box, or other container that will be element safe
Ziploc or other baggies to hold pictures, or other items not wanted to get wet
Tape or other sealing medium (ie: silicone calking)
Items to represent what your life is like today

Here is our capsule!

We decided to print out some pictures of her favorite memories

She cut the pictures out and wrote on some of them.

We ended up having a lot of pictures!

She likes to spell her name, so she added her name to her pics!

We drew a picture of our backyard to make a map to where we would bury the capsule.

She drew a picture to put in the capsule.

She added a book of stickers, a ring pop, a rock, the pictures, and her drawing. We set the dig up date for 100 days... September 1st, 2011
She drew the path to our treasure... which wasn't accurate at first!
This was our first 'X' marks the spot, but too many rocks inhibited the burial
We decided on a spot beneath a backyard tree where the ground is a little softer.

Because our burial is only 100 days long, we didnt dig a deep hole.

She buried the canister herself.

She was good about making sure it was patted down firmly when completely covered.

Our Treasure Map! She wrote her name at the bottom, re-drew the proper location, marked it with an 'X', and wrote 100 days at the top (well actually 100 bays... her d's are b's right now! lol)

This was a fun project. We marked the 'Dig Up' date on our calendar after counting out 100 days from today. We put the treasure map in a special spot where we can follow the map to get to the dig spot on September 1st!


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  1. I wonder if she will have forgotten all about it by then or be counting the days???