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Monday, May 9, 2011

I hate laundry!!

I found a new obsession shortly after I left my ex husband... cleaning! It felt so good to have everything put away and clean in its place. But as time passed and I found new obsessions to spend time on... I discovered I really... no, I REALLY hate laundry!! But I found a couple of things that helped me to save time. Time is a huge asset to any single working mom!!

Things to try:

-Sock Box: I put all of our socks (and underwear have their own bin too) into one box. I dont pair them up, and occasionally we go through them to pull out the ones with holes or that have become too small. I have developed a theory that we use daily: Matching socks are boring. Although this will not fall into the Type A personality box, it does help!! If you think about it, the sun will still set if they arent wearing matching socks!! And my princess loves to find a pink and green striped sock and match it to a blue and purple polka dot! It makes a fashion statement!!

- As soon as something new comes home from the store... find a home for it together. The key to a tidy house is having one place that something belongs.

- Have rockstar days!! We get dressed into some glam outfits, pump the music, and pick up the house together while singing and dancing. It is amazing how fast this happens!! And we have fun while we do it!!

- Give them some cleaning supplies to help out! I found an awesome cart with a broom, dust pan, mop, and pretend vacuum. I give her a cloth to dust, and febreeze to spray on the sofa. She sweeps and mops the kitchens for me while I clean other rooms. She is a big helper. Now that she is almost 5 years old she understands more about cleaning supplies, and I have been able to trust her with glass cleaner to clean the table and sliding glass door. I make sure these cleaning supplies are put up after she is done though, so she doesn't try to "surprise me" with cleaning without my loose supervision.

-Bikini lawn days! (Warning: DO NOT WEED WHACK IN A BIKINI-- THIS ENDS IN PAINFUL WELTS!!) We put on our bikinis and do yard work in the back yard. This is fun to pull weeds, get some sun, and play in the water!


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