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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mr. Mom Goes Fishin!

My Mom fishing in Mexico
Me in Mexico
My Gramma (in curlers)& I in Mex

When I was a kid, we went camping every spring break. One of our traditions I loved was fishing with my dad early in the morning. Coffee in hand we would get in the boat. He would toss me the keys when I was old enough and we would speed across the chilled glassy lake to the dam where we would drop in a couple lines. I loved these moments of hanging with my dad. He would tell me stories of my mom and him fishing in Mexico, tinker on the boat waiting for the fish to bite, sip his coffee, and make up fish stories to tell when we got back to camp.

I want give my daughter those same memories! So off we went to the store for a fishing pole and hooks. We started fishing last summer, but we only used bait we could eat: Velveeta cheese, marshmallows, french fries, hotdogs, etc. This year we stepped it up with some bacon- and the rest became history! I was blessed with a dad that showed me how to fish- and I know not all single/solo moms/dads was as fortunate as I was. So000ooo... I figured I would try to explain as much as I could.


Mr. Mom's Fishing Tips

-After hooking a fish, use the wash cloth to grab the fish with. Some fish have small pokie thingys that come out... so this protects your hands from that amongst the slime and scales, and makes you look super brave!
-Use the needle nose pliers to pull the hook out ONLY IF YOU CAN STILL SEE IT!!
If the fish has swallowed the hook, cut the line. I am told that the fish will dispel the hook on their own naturally. (And if they dont they will go to the big toilet in the sky!)
-Check on fishing laws before you cast... some residential lakes do not require adult fishing permits. SOME DO!
-The stinkier the bait... the better the fish.
-Fish bite at sunrise and sunset.
-Take lots of pictures and HAVE FUN!!



  1. I was within tears in just the first 5 secs of starting the video. So precious. Good job, Mommy!!

  2. I still stop by from time to time because my browser saved your blog in a list of websites I've visited; and I'm glad it did! This was really cool, haven't taken my girls fishin yet. My dad wasn't really a fisherman either, but they surf! Your such an awesome mom, what a catch :)Thanks for the inspirational video!

  3. @ Jill and Anonymous: So sweet! Thank you so much!
    @ Chris: Thank you so much! And good for you for getting your girls out there and surfing! Those are moments they will remember for the rest of their lives. I am sure of it! :)