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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nature's Calling Your Name!

This is a fun and virtually free activity with your little one! All you need is a camera and a good eye to see things outside the box! My daughter and I went to the park to get out in the sunshine. We picked a community with lots of trails and parks to ride to.
Along the way we looked for the letters in our environment and the architecture to spell out her name.
For example, we found the 'S' in the bike rack.
We found our 'N' in the springs on a playground toy.

I used my iPhone to take the pics. I use snapseed (I got it free), but you can use any photo editing software, or nothing at all. I like the photo editing software because it allowed me to make the letters standout more. Put all the pics together to make your child's name, the alphabet, or anything!


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