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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Daddy Shopping: My Series For Solo-Moms Regarding Dating

Dating is challenging enough as it is- then add a wee one into the mix??? Yikes!! I have decided to attempt to tackle a subject that has been heavy on my heart. I am a solo-mom, which is a little different than a single mom- especially in regards to dating. I have full custody of my daughter. I am also an engaged mom that doesnt believe in missing out on the fun with her for a silly date. So I cant have a weekend boyfriend while the kiddo is off at dad's. I have made some mistakes and have learned some things about dating with a child... I want to share these things with you. I want to give you the research I have found in a practical way. Kids learn from observation, make dating a life-lesson in contentment, vision, confidence, and security for your little one. Hopefully you will be able to learn from my mistakes and have more success avoiding unnecessary casualties and little broken hearts. I dont have all the answers... but I will share the ones I have! Please share yours as well!!
Happy Dating!


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