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Friday, June 3, 2011

And the Moral of the Story is...

I have a yacker on my hands. She talks non-stop... in fact, the only time she doesnt talk is when she is sleeping! I love it. Anything that comes to her head, she tells me. I guess I could say that I am never lonely for conversation... but I rarely get quiet time unless she is napping.

I have used this "gift" of hers to help me parent. Her tendency to want to converse has given me the ability to correct behaviors in a positive and fun way before discipline is required.

My daughter has always been into animals, and more recently this past year has been really fascinated with horses. I have taken that fascination, threw it together with her imagination and ability to verbalize ideas... and out came The Adventures of Sugarcube and Trouble. Sugarcube and Trouble are imaginary horses that encounter situations similar to the ones that my daughter encounters daily. Sugarcube will usually do the correct thing, and Trouble... well you can imagine he rarely does anything right.

I will usually set the scenario up for her... and sometimes she will help me with the storyline by telling parts of it herself, and we take turns building on the story. Other times she wants me to tell the story while she listens, but I am able to ask her questions about what she thinks would be the right thing to do, and what happens when the wrong choice is made, etc. This encourages her to think outside the box and problem solve. It also teaches her to have forethought and anticipate the outcome based on the choices each horse made.

I hate to nag! So, I love that I am able to tell her a story about Sugarcube and Trouble to correct a problem without being the bad guy. For example: Sugarcube and Trouble: The time they needed to pick up their toys; the time they had friends over to play together and share; or the time got really angry at mom because she wanted them to take a nap and they didnt want to. She sees the good consequences that come from Sugarcube's right choices, and the bad consequences that come from Trouble's wrong choices. Before long, she is choosing to clean up toys up without being asked... or clear her dinner plate from the table without me asking.

Its an easy way to build a relationship with kids that can be mutually beneficial and educational at the same time! Remember, the more positive energy invested in their good choices, the more you will instill in them a will to please!

(This was based on an idea I watched my sister in law do with her son... check out her blog for amazing ideas!!  http://amomwithalessonplan.com/ )


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  1. Thanks for the link=) I love that you have two characters that stay consistent!