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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Single" Parent doesnt mean "Disabled"!!

 I had been waiting for this day for so long! I finally took my daughter out for her first surf lesson! Of course, I had waited for her swimming skills to strengthen, and for her to get old enough to want to try. But honestly, I stalled because I was waiting for someone to come with me to be able to help me in the water with her.
So I decided to venture out alone and attempt her lessons solo. She did amazing and I couldn't have been a prouder mommy! She loved riding the white water in, and seemed to have a natural instinct for balance and position on the board. She seemed immune to the chilled waters and smiled and laughed through chattering teeth, "One more time Mom!"
I realized that as a solo mom, I didnt have to limit her experiences because we dont have a dad willing to participate. I am only short changing her (and my own credit) waiting for someone else to come along. I AM a solo mom. I cant change that right now. I would hate for my daughter to look back on her childhood and feel limited in her experience because she didnt have a dad. She shouldnt have to pay for his choices in that manner- she has paid and will continue to pay in other ways there.

I found that taking a small step- and trying something new alone- gave me a sense of independence and strengthened my bond with my daughter. We knew it might not be successful the first try- but at least we were out there trying together. Most of all, I was empowering her instead of victimizing her- an invaluable lesson.


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